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Sneak Preview From  Part 1, Page 20

Based on declassified FBI documents, The Maury Island Incident tells the incredible, tragic, and forgotten story of Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman, who on June 21, 1947, alleged a UFO sighting over Maury Island in Puget Sound, Washington, sparking 'the summer of the saucers,' the modern era of UFO obsession, the first appearance of 'Men in Black' and a governmental battle over UFO sighting jurisdiction reaching directly to FBI Executive Director J. Edgar Hoover. Crisman and Dahl said they were harbor patrolmen on a workboat and saw six doughnut shaped objects in the sky near Maury Island.

According to Crisman and Dahl, one of the objects dropped a substance that resembled lava or "white metal" onto their boat, breaking a worker's arm and killing a dog. Dahl claimed he was later approached by a man in a dark suit and told not to talk about the incident. The story was later retold in Gray Barker's book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers10 which helped to popularize the image of "men in black" in mainstream culture. Dahl later retracted his claims, stating the story was a hoax however whether the story was a hoax or not, what transpired from it really paved the way for a series of unusual events.

One of those unusual events is that some of the people involved in investigating the Maury Island incident had ties to a secret space program and were also bishops in the American Orthodox Catholic Church....However for the most part these individuals had no church buildings or congregations to preach to....but they were bishops...Why?

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