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1. What is "NASA Disclosures"?

"NASA Disclosures is a monumental 7 part report which covers the following:


Truth is the pillar of civilization. The word 'truth' occurs 224 times in the King James Version of the Holy Bible; witnesses testifying in American courts and before the United States Congress must swear to tell the truth; and, laws and civil codes require truth in advertising and in business practices, to list just a few examples. The purpose of science is to discover the true nature of Earth and Universe and to convey that knowledge truthfully to people everywhere. Science gives birth to technology that makes our lives easier and better. Science improves our health and enables us to see our world in ways never before envisioned. It uplifts spirits and engenders optimism. And, science provides a truth-standard, securely anchored in the properties of matter, a means to expose and debunk the charlatans and science-barbarians who would lie, cheat, steal, and tyrannize under the guise of science......But then there is NASA!


The year was 1969. In what appeared to most eyes as the most monumental and technologically incredible feat in human history, man had walked on the moon. Blasting from earth into space, NASA's Apollo 11 craft, carrying aloft three heroic astronauts, sat down on the moon's dusty surface. A breathless and ecstatic audience numbering in the billions were glued to their TV sets and radios. Then, they heard those historic words from the astronauts, "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!" Shortly thereafter, these same throngs of well-wishers saw Commander Neil Armstrong step out into the lunar environment and state the historic phrase, "One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." True, a small replica of our proud U.S. flag was dutifully carted off the Eagle lander and posted for all to see. But, then, a strange ritual of an entirely different sort, of a dark and ominous character, took place at Tranquillity Base on the moon. It was not beamed to the earth via television, for this ritual was carefully crafted beforehand as a secret ceremony, to be hidden and seen only by the eyes of the adepts of the Illuminati and its Masonic fraternity.


NASA categorically denies the existence of UFOs, or of some advanced, extra-terrestrial base or structures or species for that matter. Similarly, nothing meaningful on this issue has ever surfaced into the public domain via the Freedom of Information Act. In other words, the front door is firmly closed to anyone and everyone who does not possess the necessary official clearance to access the top-secret truth. That is, at least, unless you are prepared to go totally out on a limb, break the law to circumvent that front door, and instead penetrate NASA's back door via a series of brute-force computer hacks which is precisely what has been done over the last several year and led to some of the most extraordinary prosecution sagas in relation to cyber crime.

At 11.39 a.m. Eastern-Standard-Time, on January 28, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger suffered an unmitigated disaster only 73-seconds into its flight, disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, and led to the tragic deaths of its seven crew-members: As NASA’s investigation concluded, the disintegration of the Shuttle began when an O-ring seal in its right solid rocket booster failed at the moment of lift-off, and caused a breach in the joint which it sealed, thus allowing pressurized hot gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the external fuel tank. This, in turn, led to the structural failure of the same external tank, and unstoppable, and inevitable, tragedy, and death was the only possible outcomes. Not everyone was convinced the event was an accident, however – as the Freedom of Information Act has now demonstrated. In the immediate wake of the affair, the FBI’s Washington Field Office found itself embroiled in a very curious saga relative to the destruction of the Shuttle.
When 3 people die in mysterious and un-timely circumstances after revealing details of a secret NASA project, it increases the spotlight on what could be one of the most heavily guarded secrets of the new world order. Add to this the fact that one of NASA's top scientist before his death revealed details of an elaborate NASA agenda to force the world into a global dictatorship then it compels you to see the space exploration program in a totally different light.
During the middle ages, Galileo was a prime example of the Church vs Science war where he was arrested and tried by the Catholic Church for his correct scientific announcement that the Earth rotated around the Sun. Since that time and over the centuries, the Church's doctrine of suppression has gradually dissipated and been replaced by a new initiative of working with scientific exploration. However when scriptures are twisted and re-interpreted to provide some level of spiritual clarity to modern day phenomena then it raises the question as to how much can we trust the Vatican as a voice for the Christian world in regards to matters that require biblical truth.
There no evidence that satanic powers have any natural preference for particular geographical areas or ethnic groupings. However that demonic activity is more pronounced in certain regions and among certain peoples today is due to the fact that spiritual “beach-heads" been established there by previous generations. At sometime in one fashion or another, human beings welcomed evil spirits to dwell among them and this caused a concentration of power. However then heavenlies or periphery of the earths surface needs no invitation as this is the domain of the evil one. Thus when we see a build up and escalation of advancement in space technology we have to accept the fact that this may be for a more sinister reason other than what we are led to believe.

 2. What do I receive as part of the package?

"Mary, Fatima and the Immaculate Heart" comes as an immediate seven part series

  • Part 1: Corrupt Influences

  • Part 2: Masonic Footprints

  • Part 3: Hacking Whistle blowers and Disclosures

  • Part 4: Space Shuttle Conspiracies

  • Part 5: Underworld Projects

  • Part 6: Vatican Cosmology

  • Part 7: The Ultimate Agenda

With the report you will also receive the following special bonuses

  • Access to over 15 hours of free online video support material

3. Is this package only available in the United States?

This package is available worldwide.

4. Can I buy the package if I live outside the United States?

If you have a credit card, debit card or paypal account you can pay for the package from anywhere in the world.

5. Can I get the report in hard copy, or only as an e-book?

This report is available via instant download or we can send by email on request! You can be reading this report and be well on your way to accessing critical information on the new world order debate! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, it’s so easy! In order to read the downloaded book you will need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. You can download a copy of Acrobat Reader (or an alternative PDF reader) for free by clicking on Adobe Reader Download  and following the prompts. Once you have downloaded the report you can print it out if you prefer to read a hard copy rather than reading it on-screen

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